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Teal Chimblo Fyrberg


My offerings are an alchemical combination of ancient technologies and modern healing practices that shatter the patterns that are holding you back. Join me today and begin your transformation.


What People Are Saying

I took a full day workshop on yoga and natural healing alternatives and it was AMAZING! Great yoga, delicious food, and a ton of information on natural healing remedies that grow all around you. Teal taught us how to identify plants that grow locally, what they can be used for, and how to use them. I took pages of notes so I wouldn’t forget anything and I can’t wait for the next one!

— Danielle B., Charlotte, NC

Teal is the meter by which I measure all other yoga instructors. She was my first yoga instructor and did a wonderful job introducing the poses and describing how to accomplish them. I enjoyed her motivation, gentle encouragement, and the sound of her voice.  I was heartbroken when she departed Houston. I hope all other students of yoga have the pleasure of working with such a gifted and dedicated instructor. I look forward to checking out her online courses.

— Steph S., TX

Teal, your Mandala Workshop was a moving experience and very enjoyable!  Thank you for your leadership in gathering everyone of common spirits together. The space felt perfect and the music was most definitely inspiring to the overall experience.  I felt safe at all times, and so young and joyful! My mandala is attached and I am so proud of the meaningful process that it represents. I look forward to meditating with it and learning more from you in the future. Thank you, Teal!  You are an amazing spiritual teacher.

— Frances C. , Belmont, NC