How To Eat Healthy

How To Eat Healthy

Eating well makes you happy. It makes the planet happy too. And it’s easier than ever to do.

And easy is really good, we love easy, right?

So I am giving you an easy, fun, DELICIOUS project for this weekend. It is going to build your health, help our beautiful planet, get you more connected to your community and leave you feeling downright inspired.

Ready? Sweet:-)

Famers’s Markets, Tailgate Markets, Farm Stands, CSAs, and Grow Something Yourself!

That headline basically sums it up.

Farmers markets and tailgate markets are now abundant…yay! Here in Asheville we are blessed to have one almost every day of the week. You can find one near you by looking at a wonderful website called This site is also a terrific resource for finding local growers that you can buy organic produce and clean, humanely raised meats from all year round. And, it’s not too late in many areas to invest in a CSA. Community Supported Agriculture is a great program that many farmers participate in. Basically, you “buy a share in the farm” at the beginning of the season. This helps the farmers buy seed and feed and other stuff they need to get through the season (that is a huge upfront investment, y’all) and in return you get a box of AMAZING fresh and healthy food every week. Win— win—big time.

And there’s an App for that! Actually, there are probably a bunch, but one I like is FarmStand. It will help you locate Farmers and Tailgate Markets and Farm Stands wherever you go, and it’s FREE.

There is nothing more fun then having a garden, but it can also feel a little intimidating. So, I always tell people just grow ONE thing this year, just one. Last year one of my family members started a garden with her kids. They just did broccoli and bell peppers. Wow, everybody had fun, gained some gardening skills and came together as a family to take control of their food source and health. Join the revolution…plant just one thing this Spring!

And guess what? Your local Farmers Market will likely have plant starts to make it easy for you. Although if you want to start from seed, here’s how you do it.

Greens, Glorious Greens! 
One of my favorite things to grow is greens. They are easy and they should be a mainstay in our diet year round. I have a kale that will grow in -5F…kale is hardy! Plus, you can combine what you grow with yummy greens that grow naturally in your yard (just make sure you don’t use pesticides and herbicides…yes, please don’t use these, they are killing all of us. Round Up is a cancer maker.)
Dandelion, chickweed, lamb’s quarters and so many more grow wild all around us and they are higher in vitamins and antioxidants than even organic cultivated plants.

If you are looking for more ways to get greens into your diet, watch this great video with one of my favorite teachers, Marc Williams. This guy is an absolute treasure. Full of wisdom and so much fun to learn from. In this video he teaches you how to get out-of-the-box with PESTOS. You can thank me later.:-)

Why Do All This? Can’t I Just Go To The Store?
Well, sure you can, but please buy organic products. Please buy organic produce, free range eggs and meats. Because every time you do that, whether it is at a Farmers Market or at your grocery store you save our planet not a little bit, but A LOT. Every time you buy a bag of organic sweet potatoes you are keeping chemicals out of our soil, water and your body. Every time you use your hard earned money to buy food that is produced humanely and in a way that is not poisoning our planet you VOTE with your DOLLARS and that is POWERFUL.

Ten years ago it was hard to find organic produce and meats, and now they are prolific. That is because the companies are driven by their customer’s demands. So, demand something better, for your self, for our planet and for all the generations to come.

I challenge you to go out this weekend and forage, grow and shop your local markets.

Have fun and be a revolutionary! And please share the resources you find by commenting on my blog.

Wishing you abundant baskets of Farmers Market goodies,

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