History and Credentials

Stone Medicine is one of the most ancient forms of healing. It was used by the Taoist long before Chinese Medicine, and stones were utilized in the earliest forms of acupuncture. They contain the molecular and mineral building blocks for all life on our planet and the Universe that surrounds us.

Teal has always had a deep connection with the stones and has used them intuitively in her massage and energy healing offerings for many years. They are deep companions in her life journey.

Teal is a Level 3 certified Stone Medicine Practitioner through Sarah Thomas’ School, Clarity Stone Medicine, in Asheville. The deep wisdom she received in this program draws directly from, 88th generation Taoist priest Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen.

In 2015 Teal began her direct studies with Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen by attending classes in Tucson and Asheville on The Cardiology of Stones, Stones for Gastroenterology and Shi-Stones and their roots in ancient Chinese Medicine.

Teal offers deepest pranaams (offerings of gratitude) to both these teachers and the lineage they hold.


Stones are something you can stand on
but they are made of star stuff
and mystery.

They are our core, Ma —The Mother.
They are the essence of our Sun—The Father.
They are the Obsidian Butterfly
come to take us from our cave
and into the light.

— Wild Teal

What Happens During A Stone Medicine Treatment?

During treatments stones are laid in patterns upon the body utilizing Chinese Medicine’s acupuncture meridians and intuitive guidance. The sessions are relaxing and rejuvenating. Stone elixir prescriptions are also often given. Learn more about these potent, alchemical medicines at Obsidian Butterfly Elixirs.

Sessions consist of consultation time, and treatment time on the table. The entire visit is one hour.

Teal also offers distance healing work and consultations by phone and Skype or FaceTime.

Stone Medicine goes deep to the “yuan,” or Soul Level. It goes beyond the alleviation of symptoms to the roots of our sufferings, and helps us to find deep and lasting healing.

Some conditions that can be helped by Stone Medicine

Acute/chronic illness, depression, autoimmune disorders, thyroid dysfunction, headaches/migraines, sleep disorders, emotional imbalance, gastrointestinal disorders, musculoskeletal issues, neurological conditions, trauma/pain, menstrual related issues, fertility/pregnancy/postpartum, chronic stress, fatigue/adrenal fatigue, low libido,  and many more

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Sessions and Rates

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations are 1 hour and include a complete physical and emotional intake, and treatment session. Elixirs may also be prescribed.

Intake forms will be sent to you to fill out and bring to your first session.

One hour Stone Medicine consultation and treatment: $125

Follow-Up Sessions

One-hour treatments include a check-in to see where the patient is and what they need, followed by a full treatment session. Elixirs may be prescribed.

One-hour Stone Medicine treatment: $125

Distance Healing Sessions

These sessions include Stone Medicine combined with other forms of energy healing and shamanic work.

Patients will need to commit to the time of their appointment just as if they were coming to an in-house healing session. They will require a completely quiet place where they can lay down for one hour and remain undisturbed to receive the treatment.

Elixirs and stones may also be mailed to patients for follow-up work.

One-hour Distance Healing session: $125


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