The Shadow Is The Medicine

The Shadow Is The Medicine

Tonight is the Full Moon in Scorpio, with the Sun in Taurus. This full moon is our opportunity to plumb the depths of our Shadow Self, the parts of our heart, our psyche, our soul that we keep hidden, sometimes even from ourselves.

Without integrating this part of ourselves we cannot be whole. The shadow that is unrecognized, unacknowledged, unloved, grows and grows until she takes over. When our shadows are given their rightful place in our circle, when we can love them as the vital soul piece that they are, then we can truly live.

Holding hands with our shadow on this night is a powerful way to bring this part of ourselves out of the murky waters of the sub-conscious and into a top-side, earth dwelling place in the sun (thank you Taurus energy.)

A simple ritual for you.

Go out under the moonlight tonight. Take a dark stone with you, obsidian or black tourmaline if you have it.

Hold your stone in your left hand. Gaze at the moon. Open your heart.

Ask for your heart to be opened. Ask for the in-dwelling, dark side, shadow parts of your soul to speak. Tell them it is their turn and you are ready to listen.

Don’t be afraid. You are in a circle of others all doing this work on this night.

Breathe. Listen. Feel. Allow.

Cry. Dance. Speak. Sing.

Do whatever it is you need to do to bring the shadow into the light of the moon. Let your stone be your assistant and guide.

When you are done, place your bare hands on the ground. Breathe and release anything that you need to into the earth, and ground any of the big energies that you have tapped into. Give them a place to walk side-by-side with you as an ally. The combat time is over. It is time for you to work together.

Give gratitude for this opportunity, for the work, for the guidance of the Universe and your own powerful place within it.

Take some time to journal your experience. Have a warm cup of herbal tea… a root tea like dandelion or burdock would be great. Something earthy and grounding.

Bring your stone to slumber by your bedside. Set an intention to continue this work in dreamtime.

Know that you are loved and held to do this important work for the evolution of your soul and the lifting up of us all.

Tomorrow, keep journaling and feeling into your experiences. Reach out. I would love to hear your experiences directly or through a comment on the blog or post.

Tonight is what I call my birthday moon. You see, I was born with the sun in Taurus, the moon in Scorpio, on a full moon. So each year this is a day and night of deep introspection, soul work and celebration. Know that I am on this great journey with you.

Wishing you and your shadow a night of power under this full moon, and sending you all my gratitude and love,