The Super Bowl of Stones


Me and my new friend Astrophyllite! Look at the chemical composition of this baby, (K,Na)3(Fe++,Mn)7Ti2Si8O24(O,OH)7  

A very rich stone indeed, and the richer the formula, the more uses the stone has. I knew from the moment I saw this beautiful specimen at the show that she would help me on my path as a healer. I will be teaching about her beautiful medicine at my retreat in August.

While everybody was watching the Super Bowl, I was at THE SUPER BOWL OF STONES, the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show; and learning about Stones for Your Tummy.

My annual pilgrimage to study Taoist Stone Medicine with Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen and to attend the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show has been enlightening, challenging, fun and exhausting!

If you’ve never been to this event let me paint quick picture for you: “the show” is actually 45 different shows spread out over about 20 square miles, full of amazing wonders from the earth; everything from tiny, precious gems, to geodes weighing thousands of pounds. I’ve found that using my intuition and letting Spirit guide me to the stones I am meant to bring back for my classes and healing practice is the only way to navigate the “stone overload” of these shows.

Here are a few photos from my adventure!

Feed me Seymour! I’m not sure if this is really a geode, or an alien being! Amazing!
 Shungite from Russia. This is one of the most powerful stones for detoxification. I brought home enough to share, so contact me if you want some.
I fell in love with this giant piece of Mookite Jasper from Australia. It’s 14 lbs. I’m probably going to have to put it in my carry on bag, and it will be so worth it 🙂 My Mookite really likes hanging out with the big Agave plants in my dad’s yard. Hmmmm…I feel a new  stone and plant medicine elixir in the works.
This is my brilliant teacher, Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and 88th Generation Taoist Priest in the Jade Purity School. This year’s 3 day seminar was Stones for Gastroenterology. In this photo he was discussing the use of jasper, agate and chalcedony to assist digestion by “separating the clear from the turbid” so that the material useful to the body can be properly absorbed. Proper digestion and assimilation is the foundation of our health. If you are experiencing some digestive challenges contact me for in-person or Skype session.
And here is one more photo for you. Because how can I better end this newsletter then with a photo of Amethyst geodes that look like dolphins!
Wishing you dancing Amethyst dolphin joy in all that you do! 🙂

P.S. Check out the GORGEOUS poster below for our wonderful Yoga and Earth Medicine retreat coming up in August!